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Home Inspections

New Jersey licensed home inspector lic. # 24GI00066100

Certified Radon Measurement Technician cert. # MET11803)

Certified professional by Building Performance Institute cert. # CAN07079

Worldwide recognized energy conservationist.

Omissions are an unfortunate aspect of home inspection reports. The reason for this is the scope of an inspection. The shear number of items covered in an inspection is quite large. To reduce the probability of omissions from occurring, Resercon uses a PDA to record its observations and findings on site.

To further ensure diligence during home inspections, Resercon takes digital pictures of areas of concern. These pictures become part of the home inspection report and serve as a visual aid to the written report. Although the report is written clearly and concisely, the pictures allow clients to refer to what the report mentions, especially on important items. Pictures on findings usually involve at least two pictures. The first shows the general area of concern and a second picture showing the concern. This makes it easier for clients to find the concern and see it as it relates to the comments in the report. Arrows point to problem areas described in the written report and comments appear under each picture, describing the concern and indicating where further discussion of the problem can be found in the body of the report.

When purchasing a home, time is an important factor. The Realtor, mortgage company, attorney, appraiser and home inspector all take up clients’ time. Those who have been involved in this industry try their best to minimize the time they take with a client, but as professionals will never sacrifice quality of workmanship for it. To give our clients as much time as possible to review the home inspection report, Resercon prints its reports on site, hands the report to the client upon payment, and discusses the report with the client on how to utilize it before the inspection is over.

This on-site printed report serves as a preliminary report and may end up as the final report. The reason for this is because it is not expected for clients to fully understand the terminology in the report and/or its impact on their decision. Clarification in most instances is needed. The company will make these clarifications for their clients until the client is satisfied. At that point the finalized report will be emailed to the client and they can forward it to interested parties, such as their attorney. No more editing will be done to the report after it has been emailed. Any corrections and/or editing to the report from this point on will come in the form of an Addendum. In other words if the client's attorney wants clarification on a particular item in the report and is requested by the client, this company will make the clarification and email it to the client in a form known as an Addendum. The client does have the option to have the report immediately emailed to their attorney, at that time the on site printed report becomes the final report and all clarifications will come in the form of an Addendum. It is suggested that the client take the time to read the report and ask for clarifications on the report prior to sending it to their attorney.

Ancillary services like a Termite Certificate will also be printed on site for an additional fee. Radon gas detection is also provided upon request, however, the test takes a minimum of 48 hours and the inspector needs access to the dwelling to retrieve the canister, which will be done for an additional fee. Please keep in mind the canister is mailed to a laboratory and the results are sent directly to the client and with written permission sent to the home inspector. This is done in cases where time is important and the inspector has the ability to obtain the results from the Lab faster than it can be mailed to the client.

Though the aforementioned does not give you the details on what occurs during an inspection, it is intended to give prospective clients on what to expect. The average inspection lasts 2 to 3 hours which covers all of the aforementioned and complies to the New Jersey Home Inspection Act. This Act dictates what NJ home inspectors must do and what they are not allowed to do. This Act goes as far are mandating equipment the home inspector must have, such as how powerful their flashlights should be to how tall a ladder they must have. The Act also has provisions for a governing body known as the “Home Inspector Advisory Committee”. Believe it or not this Act not only protects consumers but also the home inspector. Compliance to this Act for home inspections is not only required but necessary for all concerned.

This company wishes to assure prospective clients that whomever they choose to have a home inspection performed for them that all NJ licensed Home Inspectors will perform that inspection in compliance to the NJ Home Inspection Act. http://www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/laws/hiacregs.pdf for those interested this link shows the regulations that govern all NJ licensed home inspectors.

Having the credentials is an important first step when choosing a Home Inspector. The inspector's experience for this company concerning on site inspections span decades and number into the thousands. While citing credentials and providing other information is a good start, what most clients want before they choose a home inspector is an idea of what to expect in the report. Accuracy, thoroughness and detailed are terms widely used to describe home inspection reports. However this does little in giving a prospective client an idea of what to expect in the report. Some inspection companies provide a sample of the report they provide their clients which helps the clients more in making a decision on which home inspector they choose.

Resercon Company has chosen a different path to attract clients and at the same time attempts to differentiate itself from other home inspectors. The company's web site www.resercon.com is actually an energy conservation site. The important aspect of this towards prospective clients are the more than 20 articles posted on the web site. What defines an expert is not merely their knowledge and experience but the ability to communicate complex processes and applications associated with their field effectively to others. Those articles exemplify this ability.

While there are no articles on this site concerning home inspections, what prospective clients can email Resercon at exp@resercon.com. Here a prospective client can pose their questions concerning a home inspection and receive a reply. Considering the decades of dealing with the public in their homes and prospective homes along with this link on the web site and as a Moderator on the “do it yourself” forum, there isn't a question a prospective client can ask that hasn't been asked before. Answering a question can provide insights for a prospective client unlike any other action. The purchase of a home is considered one of the most important decisions individuals can make. As such this company wishes to assure prospective clients that it will be there to help them make informed decisions involving the home inspection.

This company wishes to assure prospective clients that whomever they choose to have a home inspection performed for them that all NJ licensed Home Inspectors will perform that inspection in compliance to the NJ Home Inspection Act. For those interested in having this company perform a home inspection in New Jersey please contact us at:

Resercon Company

610 Emerson Ave.

Elizabeth, NJ 07208


fax# (908)289-0932


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